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Showcasing Chemistry at Beamish Hall

Written by Siddique Amin:  Last weekend, the Newcastle University chemistry department set up shop at the Beamish Museum for a two-day outreach event of all things chemistry. The event was a chance for families visiting the museum to delve into the fascinating world of chemistry research.  Leading the charge were some enthusiastic volunteers from the chemistry department, including Kawamura Group researchers Siddique, Tom, and Emma. Throughout the weekend, the volunteers showcased the diversity of chemistry research performed at Newcastle University through a range of interactive experiments. Visitors got to witness the wonders of spectroscopy, learn about the power of solar cells, explore the science behind sugars, and get a glimpse… Read More »Showcasing Chemistry at Beamish Hall

What is Chemical Biology?

In 2023, members of the Kawamura Group worked closely with The Big Picture People to produce a simple video explaining what chemical biology is and a flavour of the research undertaken at Newcastle University. This project was funded by the Catherine Cookson Charitable Trust, to help communicate to a wider audience about the field of chemical biology.  In early 2024, Newcastle University staff and students dropped-in to our informal event to watch the video and meet the members of the Chemical Biology Department. As well as highlighting the team’s collection of scientific posters, attendees participated in a hands-on experiment using methylated spirit and fruit, to extract cells containing DNA, with… Read More »What is Chemical Biology?

Exploring Science with Families at the Centre for Life

Written by: Siddique Amin.   Last month, a group of PhD researchers from the MoSMed CDT put together an exciting event called “Marvellous Molecules and Medicine.” Held at the Newcastle Centre for Life, this science outreach event brought together families and individuals eager to explore the wonders of science. Among the team of researchers was Siddique, Tom, and Emma from the Kawamura group, who had a blast being a part of it. The event was all about hands-on learning and interactive experiments. The MoSMed researchers engaged with visitors as they journeyed through the museum. They made science come alive by showing families the fascinating world of bacteria and the importance… Read More »Exploring Science with Families at the Centre for Life

Great North Museum Science Fair

The Kawamura Group had a great day at the Great North Museum (GNM) Family Outreach Science Fair on 24th February 2022. The fair was part of the series of events to mark 150 years of Science, Agriculture and Engineering at Newcastle University.  It celebrated the shared history of collaborations between GNM and Newcastle University.  Open to the general public as part of GNM’s half-term programme, it involved a series of different activities showcasing research from across the faculty. It was a fantastic opportunity to share our research and to engage the next generation of scientists. It was also a great opportunity for the PGRs in the group to gain some… Read More »Great North Museum Science Fair

Epigenetics exhibit at the Oxford Science + Ideas Festival

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We had a fantastic day engaging with members of the public and talking about Epigenetics at the Oxford Science + Ideas festival. Children enjoyed modifying our plasticine histone model, and everyone appreciated real world examples of how Epigenetics is an important area of research. We showed people that identical twins differ because of the different environments they experience, using NASA twins Scott and Mark Kelly as a unique example of two very different environments! We also found some great examples of how Epigenetics affects animals: bees have completely different roles based on their diet during development, and that the sex of some species of turtles differ depending on the temperature… Read More »Epigenetics exhibit at the Oxford Science + Ideas Festival