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Research in the Kawamura group centres on applying chemical biology approaches to understanding and modulating biological processes of interest.

The Kawamura Research Group

Latest Publications


Cyclic peptides target the aromatic cage of a PHD-finger reader domain to modulate epigenetic protein function. 
Coleman OD, Macdonald J, Thomson B, Ward JA, Stubbs CJ, McAllister TE, Clark S, Amin S, Cao Y, Abboud MI, Zhang Y, Sanganee H, Huber KVM, Claridge TDW, Kawamura A. Chemical Science (2023) Advance Article [Web]

In vitro selection of macrocyclic peptide inhibitors containing cyclic γ-amino acids targeting SARS-CoV-2 main protease. Miura T, Malla TR, Tumber T,  Owen CD, Brewitz L, McDonough MA, Salah E, Terasaka N,  Katoh T, Lukacik P, Strain-Damerell C, Mikolajek H, Walsh MA, Kawamura A, Schofield CJ, Suga H.
Nature Chemistry (2023) [Web]

The catalytic domains of all human KDM5 JmjC demethylases catalyse N-methyl   arginine demethylation. Bonnici J, Oueini R, Salah E, Johansson C, Schofield CJ, Kawamura A. FEBS Letters (2023) 597 (7) 933-946. [Web]

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