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Exploring Science with Families at the Centre for Life

Written by: Siddique Amin.


Last month, a group of PhD researchers from the MoSMed CDT put together an exciting event called “Marvellous Molecules and Medicine.” Held at the Newcastle Centre for Life, this science outreach event brought together families and individuals eager to explore the wonders of science. Among the team of researchers was Siddique, Tom, and Emma from the Kawamura group, who had a blast being a part of it.

The event was all about hands-on learning and interactive experiments. The MoSMed researchers engaged with visitors as they journeyed through the museum. They made science come alive by showing families the fascinating world of bacteria and the importance of proper handwashing. They also shed light on the art of designing molecules that target specific proteins in our bodies. Plus, they gave a sneak peek into the world of organic chemistry, demonstrating techniques like chromatography and liquid-liquid extractions.

It was heart-warming to see so many kids and adults getting involved and having fun with the experiments. The event aimed to spark curiosity and interest in science, and it definitely did just that. Who knows, some of the young minds that were inspired that day might become the future scientists, making new discoveries and advancements!.

Looking back, the “Marvellous Molecules and Medicine” event was a wonderful example of how learning through hands-on experiences can be both entertaining and educational. The team of MoSMed researchers made sure that the science was approachable and enjoyable for everyone who attended, and hopefully, they’ve ignited a passion for science that will continue to grow.