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International Women’s Day 2024

Friday 8th March 2024 marked International Women’s Day, which is a time to celebrate the contributions of women in various fields, including scientific research and chemical biology. Female scientists have been led ground-breaking research, contributing to our understanding of complex biological systems and the development of innovative medical treatments and drug discovery.  International Women’s Day also reinforces the importance of supporting and encouraging women in science to ensure a diverse and inclusive future for all scientific endeavours. 


Emma Wadworth (PhD Student): 

“To any young women, from any background, thinking of a career in science, definitely push yourself! Working towards new scientific discoveries is a challenging and rewarding experience.” 


Dr Joanna Bonnici (Post-Doctoral Research Associate): 

“Having always enjoyed chemistry and biology, I was excited to enter a field that allows me to explore the intersection of these sciences without having to choose between them. And relocating from Malta to the UK to pursue a research career was the key decision in my professional journey. My advice for other women is: Be resilient, ignore the background noise, and just go for it.” 


Top: Emma Wadworth; Bottom: Joanna Bonnici