Tom McAllister


Tom completed his PhD with Mike Webb in the Chemistry Department at the University of Leeds where he synthesised unnatural amino acids for use as chemical tools to further the study of histidine phosphorylation. He then completed a Post-doc with Bruce Turnbull (also in Leeds) where he was a part of a project to produce novel virus-like particles mediated by protein-carbohydrate interactions. Following a short spell as a teaching fellow in the Chemistry Department at the University of York, Tom joined the Kawamura group in July 2014. Since then his research has centred around the development of the mRNA-display platform the group uses for identifying cyclic peptide binders of protein targets of interest and he has been involved in numerous cyclic peptide screens. Predominantly focusing on epigenetic enzymes he has also conducted several collaborative projects on diverse targets in addition to his work on the further development of the mRNA-display procedure.