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Roman Belle


Roman undertook his Bachelor of Applied Sciences in Organic chemistry in Nijmegen followed by reading a Masters in Organic chemistry in the track ‘Chemistry for Life’ at the Radboud University Nijmegen. During this time, he investigated the recognition of epigenetic chromatin binding modules to histones under the supervision of Dr. Jasmin Mecinovic and Prof. Floris Rutjes. After an internship on alternative histone methyllysine substrates for lysine specific demethylases (KDMs) in the group of Prof. Chris Schofield at the University of Oxford, Roman remained in Oxford continuing his investigation in alternative substrates for KDM proteins and inhibitor development for TET proteins and completed his DPhil in the group of Dr. Akane Kawamura and Prof. Tom Brown. His current fields of interests are Epigenetics, Biochemistry and Organic Chemistry.