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Showcasing Chemistry at Beamish Hall

Written by Siddique Amin:  Last weekend, the Newcastle University chemistry department set up shop at the Beamish Museum for a two-day outreach event of all things chemistry. The event was a chance for families visiting the museum to delve into the fascinating world of chemistry research.  Leading the charge were some enthusiastic volunteers from the chemistry department, including Kawamura Group researchers Siddique, Tom, and Emma. Throughout the weekend, the volunteers showcased the diversity of chemistry research performed at Newcastle University through a range of interactive experiments. Visitors got to witness the wonders of spectroscopy, learn about the power of solar cells, explore the science behind sugars, and get a glimpse… Read More »Showcasing Chemistry at Beamish Hall

Tom’s Artwork Featured on RSC Chem Bio’s Cover

We were delighted when Tom Smith’s artwork was chosen for the front cover of the RSC’s Chemical Biology journal in January 2024!   About the artwork: “When deciding how best to summarise the work from our paper into some art we were thinking about the themes of developing cyclic peptide hits using experimental vs bioinformatic guided data. It just so happens that at the end of 2023, Newcastle University’s Glassblowing team ran a series of festive glassblowing workshops to raise funds for Newcastle Hospital Charity. There we encountered some incredible glass designs, including a hand made from glass, by our talented glass blower Robyn Hare (Newcastle University Research Facilities). We thought… Read More »Tom’s Artwork Featured on RSC Chem Bio’s Cover

Oli Returns from Maternity Leave

In November 2023, Oli Curry – a PhD student – returned from maternity leave. Oli will be continuing her research into chemical probes for Targeted Protein Stabilisation (TPS), and the team are excited to have Oli return as a new mum.     Oli:  “It’s unbelievable I spent a big chunk of this year changing nappies and breastfeeding – maternity leave was a special time in my life, but it’s time to do some cool science again!”