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Chemical Biology Workshop

On Tuesday 15th March we hosted a Chemical biology workshop at Newcastle University, involving academics across the faculty of medicine science and the school of natural and environment science.  Ten academics delivered flash presentations on diverse areas of research (see below).  A great way to get the group talking and learning about the chemical biology research going on across the university.


Engineered protein polymers for high performance, multi-functional biomaterials

Daniel Peters and David A Fulton

Structure guided drug discovery for loss-of-function diseases

Wyatt Yue

(Cyclic) peptide discovery platform

Akane Kawamura

In vivo Non-invasive Small Animal Molecular Imaging Services

Saimir Luli

Mass spectrometry tools in drug discovery

Matthias Trost

Biocatalysts and biomineralisation: integrated structural biology methods in chemical biology

Jon Marles Wright

Immunomodulation of the NLRP3 inflammasome by actinobacterial secondary metabolites

Katarzyna Mickiewicz

Radiotracers for Molecular Imaging of Cancer: Chemistry, Cells, Mice, and Imaging

James Knight

Structure based drug discovery to tackle antimicrobial resistance

Julia Hubbard

Organelle biogenesis by marine cyanobacteria       

Sam Wilson